Will Neon Genesis Evangelion return?

  • I've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion and I loved it! I really hope FUNimation releases it on Blu-Ray now that the third movie has been released.
    I know it's an old show, but I really want to see it come to Blu-Ray, and with FUNimation working on it I know the English dub will be great. :)

  • Idk Funimation hasn't even licensed it yet.

  • I think they probably won't go back to Neon Genesis because they are focusing more on the new movies now.

  • So there was an anime before the movies? I thought there were only the 3 movies.

  • So the anime tv series came out first and it was called Evangelion Neon Genesis. The movies are rebuilds of the original series. This means that they took some of the original footage and then added in all new animations, making a new, more updated version. The first movie comprises about episodes 1-6. The movies are better looking, sounding, and are more action oriented.

    I haven't seen the original myself. I would just watch the movies if I were you. They are awesome! I still need to see the third one :)

  • 3.33 has been released about a year now. (I have it) Anno is currently working on the final film since Shin Godzilla came out in theaters. (have not seen it) I hope that FUNimation doesn't repeat the same mistake with 4.0's western release. (3.33 was two years overdue)

  • if Anno get his shit together this time and doesn't delay the release, I dont think the same thing will happen with movie #4

  • Rumor has it that Gainax has the licensing costs through the roof on NGE TV, so no one will touch it at the moment.

  • Madman in Australia essentially confirmed that there was a moratorium on the TV series until the Rebuild movies were completed. Since then there has been a blu-ray release of the series in Japan, but even if that does open the door to re-licensing the show in the West, there are still going to be holdbacks - and probably length ones at that.

  • Let's pray that the final film actually gets a release date by the end of this year.

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