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  • Why is it that some shows are only streamed online and not on the apps? One of which is Yu Yu H. Would those be streamed on the apps (ps3/4) in the future or will they be solely via computer?

  • The short answer I suspect is licensing and $$$

    The long answer is I have no idea.

  • For PS3 and PS4, that was a bug that has been fixed. You should see it now.

    For the mobile apps, it's because Yu Yu Hakusho isn't in the new system yet. The mobile app is meant to have the same content as the console apps.

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  • I can't see it is their something wrong with the app

  • Nope. It's not the mobile app itself. It's a content issue. Also, consoles should have Yu Yu Hakusho now. THAT was a CMS settings issue. I fixed it. ^_^

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