What if the straw hat is the One Piece?

  • I've been watching and reading One Piece for a long time now. I've thought of many things that could be the One Piece, but one thing in mind has made me think. What if Luffy's hat is the One Piece? Some of you right now are probably getting ready to apply to this forum saying that I am wrong, it's just a symbol of Gol D. Roger. The reason I believe this is because Luffy has on many occasions stated that the straw hat is his treasure. I honestly think if the One Piece was anything besides the hat, it would be weird. After Shanks gave Luffy the hat, he hasn't really done anything to search for the One Piece. This could mean it's because he knows that the hat is the One Piece, which could have been the reason Roger fave it to him. Maybe the hat is the One Piece, and the journey to search for it will end where Luffy finds out he had it all along. Now, the place were Luffy finds that put could be Raftel.

  • I don't know about that. Shanks was wearing that thing while he was still just a scrub on Gol D. Roger's crew. I can't imagine why Roger would have given the ultimate treasure to one of his crew like that. Nor can I imagine why Shanks would have given it to a random 5 year old boy or whatever. But maybe. In any case, I don't guess that the author will be concluding this story any time within the next 15 years, so we won't know for a while.

  • I don't believe it is the hat, considering Roger had it before his Journey to Raftel. I believe the One Piece has something to do with the Void century. But honestly, I like the surprise that it could be absolutely anything, a poneglyph, the city of the Ancient Kingdom, a device or an artifact explaining how to unite the seas again in One Piece. I like the mystery and can wait until it is revealed.

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