Funimation Now on Wii U

  • Something that I am curious about. Is there any chance of Funimation now app being made available on Nintendo systems? I know I could watch it on my computer, phone, or PS4, but I'm just wondering for those who don't have those methods of viewing. Plus, a Funimation Miiverse would be pretty neat.

  • Well, that would require lots of investment to do everything. I am not certain if Wii even has movie apps (such as Netflix) on it so IDK if it would be possible therefore. Even so it is unlikely.

    However… can be wrong, they may have something in the works. Only Time Shall Tell...

  • Slams fist on table


    And TGA, the Wii U does have apps for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crunchyroll (!) and Youtube (So anything you have in Gplay works as well) And….I think one other I dont remember because I dont use it.

  • Ahhh I see…

    BTW me currently backdooring the Nexus with SGT. HAMMER vs bots at moment... MUST LVL UP!

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