2016 Anime Villains Tournament - Round 2 Group 29

  • This grouping features a couple of top performers…

    Jake Martinez - Tiger & Bunny
    Eto/One-Eyed Owl - Tokyo Ghoul
    Beatrice - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    Shinobu Sensui - Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Poll vote goes to Beatrice, extra vote goes to Shinobu Sensui.

  • Voting for Eto, my queen.

    -Founder and incognito leader of a major terrorist organization
    -Is a legendary figure, one of the few SSS ranked ghouls ever recorded, and a natural-born half-ghoul
    -has a rather large social standing with her human persona, a famous author
    -Usually lets her underlings do the dirty work but is actually more than capable of doing it herself, being able to slaughter some of CCG's (basically the ghoul police) best fighters with ease
    -is an excellent smooth-talker, telling sweet, innocent Hinami that she's incapable of helping Kaneki, the main character and who's like an older brother to Hinami, unless she grows strong and experiences the same kind of unhappiness that he has.

    which convinces Hinami to join said terrorist organization. But that's not in the anime so it doesn't count~
    God, I hate the anime.
    -slowly guides Kaneki on a path of self-destruction before he's smart enough to bail from Aogiri completely
    -leaks info to CCG about the true nature of her father's coffee shop, and then uses him and his employees as bait to not only launch a surprise attack on CCG's forces, getting her father nearly killed in the process and definitely getting his most trusted allies killed, but also kidnaps him to use in whatever twisted plot she surely has (the details of which were unfortunately cut in the anime).
    -is very hot.

    I really like Beato, but Eto's fresh blood.

  • voting Eto/One-Eyed Owl

  • Double Vote to Shinobu Sensui

  • Double votes to Jake. He's pretty much the Joker with mind reading and force field powers voiced by Steve Blum.

  • Both votes for Jake.

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