Ps4 playback

  • Sooo on my ps4 it won't que on to the next episode for any episode for example on one piece it keeps going to the beginning of episode 289 even after I watched it. I even fast forwarded to the end and when it goes to next episode. Right back to the spot I was at in the beginning of 289. I even went ahead watched the next episode manually but it doesn't save my progress. Still saying I'm in the same spot ep.289. That's with all my shows. Help please????

  • Thank you for reporting and welcome to the forum. However, please don't report bugs in the Suggestions Box. Please report issues over in the Issue Reporting thread.

    Fortunately, we are aware of this issue and are currently investigating. Hang tight!

    Because the Suggestions Box is only for suggestions and not bugs, I have to lock this thread.

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