The Boy and the Beast Movie

  • Anybody see this movie yet in theaters? It's so great!

    I was able to catch it in a theater nearby and I managed to drag my sister along. She is not a big anime fan so she was wary, but I was so excited! She ended up loving it!
    What did you think of the movie? Please try to keep the spoilers at a minimum for those who have not seen it yet.

  • Yeah, I watched it last week. I agree, it was very good! It's funny, I had to do the same thing with my sister lol

    The art and animation was phenomenal. This was the first film by Hosada that I have seen, so it was really interesting to see his style. Have you seen any of his other films? I also enjoyed getting to hear so many great Funimation VA's in theaters. I definitely recommend this one.

  • Yeah this was my first Hosada film as well. The dub was fantastic, and i love the animation! definitely gonna buy the dvd when it comes out!

  • I wanna go see it ;_; ahh! i need to go now ! :p

  • I did see it, it was a good movie for sure but it's actually tied for third in my rankings of Hosada (Tied with Summer Wars, with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time taking second and Wolf Children being my top), I was a touch dissapointed with it to be honest.

    But it was still a great film.

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