FunimationNow Mobile App + Chromecast issues and feedback

  • @sdvboy:

    I have actually canceled my account now because this has rendered watching on the big screen useless.

    Your Device: Nexus 6P
    Your Device's OS: Android / Marshmallow
    Are you casting to another device? Y/N: Y
    Show: My Hero Academia
    Episode #:12
    Approximate Point at Which Video Freezes:1/3 into the stream

    Thank you! The fixes for Chromecast have still not been deployed. I would be happy to notify you when they are ready. Again, I'm sorry that these issues caused you to cancel.

  • @Animefan101993:

    i'm getting bad response 500 on First Love Monster

    Thank you for reporting. I'll see if I can reproduce. We also had that issue with another show.

    Let's keep this thread just about Chromecast issues, though. Please report any other mobile app issues over in this thread:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    Android 6.0

    Still getting app crashes during episodes but the episode keeps going fine. I've seen where the stream on the TV keeps going even after my phone is taken off the wifi, app forced closed.

    Last new episodes of dananrompa despair, future arcs.

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  • The only way I could avoid it freezing on the load screen was to kill the app as soon as 2nd gen chromecast started playing. However 5 minutes in and video out put glitches and chrome-cast restarts this does not happen with crunchyroll, plex or webcaster app which are the only others I use.

  • @Sophie:

    Please post any issues or feedback regarding casting from the FunimationNow mobile app on Chromecast. In your report, please include your device and operating system. If applicable, please include steps to reproduce along with what you would expect to happen based on your experience with other apps that support Chromecast. The easier it is for me to see what is happening, the easier it will be for me to communicate the issues to the development team.

    AirPlay will be a separate thread.

    Please put any other mobile app issues or feedback over here in this thread only:!

    Thank you!! <3

    Since Latest update I have ZERO issues casting to a chromecast v2(from android 6.0 and from N preview 5). Thank you! This is exactly what i have been waiting for. So great!

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  • Right so, I apologize in advance for bumping an old thread, but I do so in the interest of keeping things contained. In fact I mainly signed up just to ask this question, since I can't seem to find the answers anywhere else.

    I have both an Android device with the app installed and a Chromecast, but I don't even seem to have the option to cast from the app. Can't find it in settings, in the menu, or anywhere for that matter. Any other app that offers Chromecast support can do so without a hitch, so this one's the only one causing me any trouble. Here's my specifications:

    Device: Samsung Galaxy J3
    OS: Android 6.0.1

    Is there something I'm missing? Is this feature not available to free accounts? Or am I just looking in the wrong spot?

    I've attached screenshots from my phone in case any of those help.
    0_1487143818222_2017-02-15 07.18.30.png 0_1487143822358_2017-02-15 07.18.15.png

    In any case, thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

    Edit: Whoops, seem to have posted without the images uploading. My bad.

  • @TBArcher an update to 1.1.3 has just been released. Can you confirm that you were getting these problems after the update or whether updating has made any difference?

  • @TBArcher
    We just figured this out. Casting isn't available on the free app, since it considered a second stream. Casting isn't really a second stream since the device takes over the stream, but as far as features of free versus paid, it is. Only one simultaneous stream is their convoluted way of saying casting isn't available unless you pay.

  • I would love to be able to cast from Google Chrome to my Chromecast. Any plans on adding that feature?

  • Is anyone having issues on adding shows to the queue and getting an error message saying can't add to the queue?

  • I'm using latest version of app in Android and chromecasting to Nvidia Shield 2017 release.

    Playing Scrapped Princess stretches picture and making everything wide. The show is 4:3 but Chromecast stretches picture.

    Also when app is chromecasting, fast forward and rewind is at 30 second increment. App itself have 15 second increment.

    Please fix Chromecast aspect ratio and fast forward/rewind.

  • I have Chromecast built into my TV. Every app compatible except FUNimation can detect it. This problem happens with all devices, and the app is updated to the latest version

    EDIT: Now it's being detected, but it disconnects during the connection process.

  • Does the Funimation Now Android App still support the chromecast? I don't see the cast button anywhere when I use the app on my Nexus 5X (Android 7.1.2).

    I am also having trouble with the IOS version of the app. The Chromecast button is present on that device, but it does not cast to the TV. It connects to the Chromecast, but the TV goes black and then times out to the Chromecast background. The video continues to play on the IPad the entire time.

    Any help would be great appreciated.

  • I'm having issues with the aspect ratio. I'm watching Tenchi Muyo! GXP and it keeps stretching the screen out. It's suppose to be 4:3, but it's displaying it in 16:9. All the faces look stretched out.

    I'm using the Chromecast Ultra. Casting from a Samsung Tablet.

  • @Sophie I have HTC 10 using latest FunimationNow app v1.1.8 casting to Nvdia Shield 2017.

    The video quality is REALLY low and it's barely at minimum quality. When I stop chromecasting and play it on the phone, it goes back to high quality.

    This is the only app that chromecasts in poor quality on my device.

  • @icepick314 Could you please submit a ticket through the form at the bottom of

  • @Sophie, this is off topic for this reply, but could you please PM or email me? I had a ticket created for an issue with a digital copy code for a Funimation DVD over a month ago. Customer service was terrible and, even though I provided all detailed information requested, I have not heard back from them despite email attempts for follow-up information on my issue. I would like to speak with you or a live representative either via private message, email, etc., who can help me resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

  • @ChaeRinnStarr Unfortunately, I can't help with orders because I'm not in the Sales Department. However, I can ask a person in that department to look for your ticket and get back to you. I have emailed you.

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