New app suggestions

  • Hey Funi team,

    Here are some usability improvements I suggest for your new mobile application:

    (All testing done on an Apple iPad using the iOS version)

    1. Add another left side-bar option showing Schedule of when new shows would be launching

    2. Ability to see which individual videos were updated recently.

    • The "Recently added" list on the home screen is less useful than a list of "Episode XX, added March 10"

    3. Videos should be updated through the app concurrently with the Website

    • As of now, there is a delay between when Broadcast dubs are available on the website & Roku app vs. the iOS app
    • Current examples: Dagashi Kashi, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

    4. Ability to custom sort "My Queue"

    • Currently it is sorted from top left to bottom right by "most recently added"
    • And the "Recently Watched" tab list is stored in reverse - from "watched longest ago" in the top left to "most recent" in the bottom right

    5. All Shows default sort should be by "Show Name" and then customers can select the drop-down if they want to sort by "Date Added"

    I'll keep adding suggestions as I explore the app and come across any usability challenges.


  • Simulcasts have a delay as well not just dubs.

  • AirPlay keeps dropping, but otherwise it seems to work well on iPhone and iPad. Any news on when the app for Apple TV will be available?

  • Thank you for all of your suggestions, but please don't report bugs in the Suggestions forum. Please provide any app feedback over here:!

    1. Schedule is going to be added.

    2. This is a known issue. The Video number is supposed to be there.

    3. This is a known issue. It is our intention to have everything update at the same time (or very near the same time)

    4. This already exists. The app follows your site custom queue sort. It's just backwards. There is a bug in to fix this. Manual sort in the app will not be added unless there is a large user demand for it. To manually sort your Queue, please access your Queue from and make sure the sort is set to "Custom".

    5. This probably won't be changing unless we get more requests for it. We have the default sort set to alpha on the website at and we get complaints about "seeing the same shows all the time". I will, however, note that you are the second person to ask for this as the default sort on the app.


    Simulcasts have a delay as well not just dubs.

    Please see answer 3.


    AirPlay keeps dropping, but otherwise it seems to work well on iPhone and iPad. Any news on when the app for Apple TV will be available?

    Some time between now and May.


    I'm not going to lock this thread, but please keep it on topic. The Suggestions Box is for feature suggestions. You can see answers to questions about the app in the thread I linked. ^_^ You can also report feedback and bugs there.

    If you have any suggestions for the app or the service as a whole, please make a new thread here in the Suggestions Box. Please keep it to one suggestion per thread and search the forum to see if your suggestion is already in the Suggestions Box forum.

    Thank you!

  • 1. Need to be able to select a maximum video quality, I don't have the bandwidth cap to be able to watch in 1080.

    2. I want to be able to look through shows by season.

    3. Default audio selection setting would be nice as well.

  • The chromecast function is terrible on my end, it only plays for about 5 minutes before going into an indefinite loading loop. Only does it on the android app, though

  • Sorry, everyone. Looks like I'll have to close this thread.

    Please keep it to one suggestion per thread in the Suggestion Box forum.

    For mobile feedback, including issues, please post to this thread:

    For Chromecast specific, please post to this thread.

    @AnimeFreak1993, we are unable to reproduce this issue here at the office, so I'm glad that you've posted over in the Chromecast thread. Here's hoping we can get that issue fixed.


    1. This feature will be added in a later update.
    2. I have added this to the list of suggestions.
    3. This feature already exists. Go to Settings. It's under "Audio Preference". If it ever plays anything other than your preference, it's because the language option is not available, you've selected something from the Broadcast Dub or Simulcast list and your setting is set to the opposite language of that, or it's a bug. If it's a bug, please do post to the mobile app thread.

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