Why no blu ray releases?

  • iv been waiting forever :)

  • I'm in the same bout with you. I have wanted then to come out with the Blu Ray. I used to buy all the DVD's till they started coming out with the packets and collection bundles, so I stopped buying till i can get them on Blu Ray.

  • they have no blu ray releases because japan hasn't released them on blu ray yet. The first One Piece episodes that show up on blu ray doesn't happen until the Punk Hazard arc

  • Why does it matter if Japan hasn't gotten it on Blu-ray yet? I see people say that a lot, yet I've seen quite a few shows on Blu-ray in other countries with no Blu-rays in Japan. For example, Naruto & Fairy Tail are not on Blu-ray in Japan but Naruto is on Blu-ray in Germany & Fairy Tail Is in the US. A few episodes of one piece are on blu-ray in the early 400's. Episodes 426-429 to be exact. But episode 579 is when they started releasing them as volumes.

  • my guess is that there might be some licensing to work out. I really hope they get around to it. I don't even want them to bother remastering from season one, just start where the show began airing in 720p with episode 204

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