App suggestion

  • On the apps across the board, how about a fav list and schedule look up?

  • Another thing that would be great for the apps (or the website in general) is notification settings. Like when new episodes for shows in your queue (or maybe a separate 'notify me' list) are uploaded.

  • Please keep the Suggestions forum thread to one suggestion per thread. It helps me keep track of all the suggestions better.

    Favorites will likely not be added unless there is a big user demand for it. Since there is already a Queue, could you please tell me what you would use a Favorites list for in the app? It will help with pitching the feature to the higher ups.

    Schedule was dropped due to wanting to be able to still launch in March. It should be added back in May or soon after.

    Notifications are coming in May. ^_^ There will be one for new episodes for shows in your Queue, one for new episodes of shows in your History, and more.

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