Issues With FunimationNow Mobile/Tablet Apps

  • First of all, thank you for being an early adopter of the new FunimationNow mobile and tablet apps!

    If you"re experiencing an issue with the apps for mobile and tablet devices, please first check this thread and see if we"ve already answered your question there:

    Because of how new these apps are, every new issue on the app must be fully investigated. There may be some delays specifically in app related inquiries. You can help us resolve any issues as quickly as possible by providing the following information in your ticket or inquiry:

    1. Your device type—as specific as possible. (ex: 2nd Gen iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire HDX, etc)
    2. Your device"s operating system.
    3. As exact of a description as you can give of the issue and how to reproduce it.
    4. One specific episode the issue occurs on, if it"s an issue that happens during an episode. If the issue happens on all episodes, please provide two episodes from different series you are seeing the issue on, and also note that it"s happening on additional episodes.
    5. Whether you were watching SUB/DUB and which (English/Japanese) you have your account preferences set to.
    6. Whether you are using wi-fi or cellular data when the issue occurs
    7. Either your ISP (for wi-fi) or your cellular data provider.

    We will have additional information depending on the issue, however this will help us get the best information to you the fastest.

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