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  • What I mean by this is remove shows from the shows list that don't actually have any episodes to watch. For example with the new dragonball movies out I have been in a dragonball mood so I started with dragonball moved on to Z. I saw on the shows list DBZ Kai…however Kai doesn't actually have any episodes to watch just interviews.

    Kinda discouraging that and most people are not going to watch 20 1-2 min interviews kind of a waste of server space in my opinion.

    Now this isn't a complaint mind you I don't have a problem watching reg DBZ would of just been nice to watch the updated and filler free kai version is all. Got my hopes up for nothing I tell ya.

  • I think the reason it's set up like that is because the place where you go to watch episodes of shows is on that shows Funimation website. So even shows that are by Funimation but do not have any episodes for streaming are on there. It's because that's the main official website for that anime. For example, the newly licensed movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time has a website even though it hasn't been released yet.

  • That list already exists. Go to

    The scrolling list will be staying as it is, since it's the only place a user can go to see a full list of all the shows we have period.

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