What's the difference between editions? (Tokyo ESP)

  • Basically what the title says. I compared the features list and both appear to be the same. Also, the limited edition is only $4 more than the standard.

    I normally don't buy shows (it'd cost to much money when compared to a pass) but I REALLY liked this show, way more than I expected, and I'd like to try and help support it. So, does one version help out the show more than the other? Also, is there any reason to get the special version over the standard?

  • Really the only difference is the limited edition comes with a chipboard collector's box.

  • Yep! Pretty much what he said.

    Unless otherwise stated that tends to be the only difference.

  • Okay. Never really bought an anime before. I thought some had something special besides that.

    Also, if I really wanted to support the show which would be better to get?

  • ^ Either one is fine. Just you purchasing the show in general is enough to show FUNimation your support.

    Although if you're a fan of aesthetics, the chipboard box would probably look a lot nicer on your shelf. And it is only a few dollars extra. ~_^

  • Funimation Ltd Editions, aren't worth the extra cost unless you like the Chipboard box that comes with it. If you just want the show, regular edition is fine.

    Collectors editions are only if you like the show a lot AND are willing to pay for the extras included in it.

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