Missing Episodes?

  • I've heard wonderful things about this show, and I came here to watch it and see if it holds up to the hype. However, in looking over the episodes list, there appears to be a sizeable gap in what Funimation offers.

    Season 1 ends at episode 24, despite a precursory google search telling me there are 25 episodes in Season 1. Season 2 on Funimation begins at episode 37. Where are the missing episodes? That seems like a huge issue to have in a streaming library.

  • Look at the episodes on the site itself rather than in your queue.

    We're aware of a strange issue where not all the episodes available are showing up in the queue. It seems to only be affecting Durarara and only be affecting those episodes.


  • I didn't add the show to my Queue, that's the weird thing. I just went to http://www.funimation.com/shows/durarara/videos and clicked on "Show All" down below, and it goes to 24 and then picks up at 37. Even if I try to start with episode 1, and click on the Playlist button under the video, and scroll down, it still stops at 24.

  • Oh. Yep, that's totally happening. That was not a way I reproduced the issue before. O_o

    Try here: http://www.funimation.com/shows/durarara/about

    We're still looking into what's causing this, however I don't have a timeline on a solution– but you should be able to use this workaround and then go back to your regularly scheduled viewing habits after episode 36. ^_^

  • Thank you, CJ. I appreciate the expedient responses :-)

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