Any Manga Library Goers?

  • When it comes to Manga I like to get mine from the library. I was wondering if there were any others out there that like to do the same thing. what is your preference?

    I like to get series from the library since my local library has a big selection of manga and it saves me money while still supporting the authors, however if I find i REALLY like a series or if I cant get certain ones easily I would go buy them for myself. I already have Tokyo Ghoul and Hetalia on my shelf, as well as a bit of Attack On Titan.

  • I get most of my manga from the library (Salt Lake City (And the county it resides in) has an insanely amazing selection of manga. Go there if you want to read manga all day.). Otherwise I buy it or read a volume or two at the bookstore.

  • That sounds wonderful! I love it when a Library has a huge selection of anime! I used to to a library that had a lot of manga on its shelves, back when i used to live near there, and while the one close to me now has a good selection, i usually have to order ones the ones i want now. I like spending time at the library in peace an quiet to read manga.

  • Well, I would read manga, alas I cannot help myself to Anime. Me don't like reading you can see…

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