The "response to a situation game"

  • Okay, the way this works is that you come up with a situation, as silly or normal as you want, you respond then come up with another one.

    So uh….

    If the dirty old martial artisits, Happosai (Ranma 1/2), Master Roshi (Dragon Ball) and Jiraiya (Naruto) were to team up for some perverted antics, who would you send to stop them?

  • hmmmmm ooooh ooooh iknow thebest person stop them would probably be maka(soul eater) she can use the maka chop it could put them in their place.

    ok if you were rin (blue exorcist) and you had to stop a demon from astraroth (dont think i spelled that right) and your powers were temporarily useless what would you do

  • I'd probably cuss him out hoping he would so dumbstruck that I could buy the time I needed to get my powers back.

    If you had the ability to collect all 7 dragonballs but knew it would take at least 7 years, would you go for it?

  • Definitely! Then, I would wish those 7 years back!…wait...Well, I'd still do it anyway.

    Oh, no! Naruto has ended! Naruto fans are rioting out in the streets! Quick! What do you do to protect yourself?

  • I buy Seven Blow up dolls from Spencers, Dress them up to look like Sakura, fill them with Hydrogen and set up remote triggers on the DET Cord head band. Set them in the street sit back and watch the fireworks.

    You have just been picked to pilot a vector and the other two vectors are piloted by PeeWee Herman and Roseanne Barr. Its time to Merge….Gooooo Aquarion!!!!!!!

  • I'd beg God to forgive me because I'd (erases evidence of confession).

    What would you do if you somehow became CEO of Funimation?

  • Find a stock to invest in to pay for everyone to be lifelong members and subscribers without spending a dime of there own Money and still be rich from selling the shows to major networks and as the great Yogurt said " Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money comes from."

    You have just been told that you have a one way trip and can either go back in time and Assassinate one historical dictator/ruler/leader or forward in time to a future that could either be Utopian or Dystopian but you don't know until you get there.

  • Forward in time and begin my slow ascent to becoming God. When he gets pissed at me and kicks my ass, I shall wake up in a tree next to a family of squirrels who refuse to leave me alone.

    You've just been poisoned and have 60 mins to live unless you can figure out the answer to a riddle that has never been solved. What do you do?

  • I immediately engage the improbability drive so I can hang out with Deep Thought and get the answer, which of course is 42!
    Problem is the Damn Vogons blew up the Computer that was supposed to give us the actual question for a Bi pass to be built, so we will have to drink a few gargleblasters on the way to Magrathea trying to avoid the whale guts and The best laid plans of Mice.

    While your sitting in your Kitchen eating a bowl of cereal, a small Bug crawls across your table. Stops. Looks right at you. Points a segmented leg at you, then keeps walking. You hear a knock at the door and a clicking sound from the other side.

  • I'd grab the bug spray and tape down the nozzle then toss it out the window towards the door, then take a knife, bash open the door and raise my arm before being violently tackled by the exterminator's partner. When I came out of my delusion, I would apologize and walk away to make myself a sandwich as if nothing happened.

    You've just been given the ability to grant wishes, however, they must be completely selfless or else have a negative consequence. Word gets out of your ability but you're forbidden to tell anyone the catch. What do you do with this power?

  • Become a televangelist, and base my ministry off of the old adage do unto others. Have a 3 hour a day sermon and At the end of every broadcast I would allow 10 people to make a wish and every Sunday I would reveal what was wished for and how the wish came true and let the stupid sheep figure it out.

    You have just been offered the chance to visit any country you want for as long as you want, all expenses paid. Only catch is your required to wear a fig leaf as your only clothing

  • I would decline out of embarassment.

    What would you do if you were on an airplane and footage of a video game that was so bad it was funny starts playing for the entire ride?

  • ask the flight attendant to kindly grab me 2 sporks, i would stab out my eyes and scoop them out and then shove them into my ears for ear plugs.

    Your Boss has just told you that you were promoted to senior vice president of the Zimbabwe office and the boat leaves tomorrow

  • I would "accidentally" miss the boat and send a doppelganger to take my place for a cut of the pay.

    A bear appears in front of you out of thin air and tells you that you're the key to bears taking over the world and you will be their king/queen should you succeed.

  • I would tell the bear to follow me so i could teach it how to use body armor, wrap it in Charmin toilet tissue, grab a Rifle and let it know i will be demonstrating how well the body armor works, Shoot the bear in the head and put it in front of my fireplace.
    After George Orwells Animal Farm I don't trust Talking Animals That hold to a Cast Society.

    The Queen of England has Just showed up at your front door with a Royal Birth Proclamation stating you are her heir.

  • I'd play along until I found out what was going on for real. After having been found out, their entire plan would collapse and as I left the burning ruins of their organization behind me, I would lead my new country into a new age.

    You've just been invited to test out a new drug whose side effects are unknown. After taking it, everyone sees you as a zombie yet to you nothing has changed.

  • Since they all see me as a Zombie anyway, I find all the people I don't like and eat there brains and use the Undead excuse at my trial if they dont put a bullet in my head first

    The World has just turned into a version of candy land and everything is made out of candy or some form of sweet pastry.

  • I would die from being overweight within weeks.

    You are paid to swim in a pool of barbeque sauce, live on the internet. What do you do?

  • Get as many chicken nuggets as I can eat and dive in. Then I would warn anyone who tried to take one of my nuggets to back off and enjoy my limelight.

    You have just been transported to Pluto and become unable to leave or survive in any other environment.

  • Pluto???? oh man that is a real Micky Mouse planet,

    I would Hunt down the rest of the Disney Characters and we would start our own theme park. catch a passing satellite, program our advertisement for the New Theme Park, send it back towards Earth on a trajectory to Japan and then just sit back and watch the Yen roll in.

    a basket with a baby was left in front of your door, once inside you see the feet are cloven and the baby has a tail. The note sez "please take care of this baby, the future of the earth depends on it"

  • I would do whatever I could to ensure the child's survival. Then, when the world was saved and my son/daughter was in charge of the world, I would be secretly pulling the strings. Dance puppets dance! :)

    You've just been handed a sealed letter and told not to open it under any circumstance but not told what will happen regardless of what you do.

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