Regarding The SPEED RACER Acquisition

  • Since FUNi has the rights to release this series on Blu-Ray (meaning we could very well hear the original Japanese track), it makes me wonder: will there be a third audio track that's a redub?

    Will it be done? Should it be done? If they were dubbing a remake, I'd understand and would have no preference.

    But the trying-to-cram-a-complete-sentence-into-a-single-mouth-movement style of dubbing from back in the Sixties is what the series was known for. I guess my opinion toward that is comparable to STAR WARS fans' contempt for George Lucas' unnecessary additions to the original movies.

    Bear in mind that these are mere rumors I've heard and could be completely bogus.

  • We don't know anything at this time. Considering that Funimation is going to be redubbing Escaflowne due to the uncut footage, I can definitely see them doing the same for Speed Racer. But again, that's pure speculation.

  • IF They Redub, I'm all for it being a straight dub of Mach Go! Go! Go!

    They can include the Speed Racer Dubs as an alternate track for the episodes that have them.

  • I'd love to see a new dub for Speed Racer.

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