Time To Release "Funimation NOW!"… TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  • …hopefully by Tuesday March 1 of course so it makes a difference :)

    "SRLSY wez been waitings foreverz" it is so... After all at least some of it (Mobile App) was supposed to be released "in February":

    ...as seen on www.funimationnow.com

    First things first, February will mark the debut of FunimationNow, our all-new anime streaming service, with completely redesigned mobile apps. We'll still be bringing you all the subtitled and English-dubbed anime you love, completely ad-free—PLUS, a sleek new design supported by a first-class user experience. But that's not all, throughout the year we'll continue introducing a bunch of cool new features as we prepare for the May launch of a reimagined website experience that will revolutionize the way fans discover, watch, share, and connect with anime.

    It is already about to be March… and yet...

    MUST…........ HAVE............... NEW PLAYER! YES WE CAN AND YES WE WILL!

  • Well that should be interesting.

    A mobile app.

  • yeah…..and if you DON'T release Funimation Now for Apple TV by tomorrow Feb 29th, we're gonna build a wall!

    and if it's not out by March 1st after that.....that wall just got 10 feet higher! and we're gonna make Funimation pay for it!

  • @Phoenixus:

    Well that should be interesting.

    A mobile app.

    Yes, well that is good I suppose if you have a smartphone… me still living in old days with ancient tech and no smarphone... not unlike Dimension W I suppose... :)

    Alas I am looking forward to new website player which in theory should have 5.1 sound if they desire it so. As long as the new player has higher bitrate or otherwise "better video quality" I am good it is so...

  • ^ That's in May; you can sit tight until then, right? ;P

  • ok guys, time to Make America Great Again….

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