What language is the Psycho-Pass movie?

  • I know I've asked this a couple times already, so bear with me. Does anyone know if the Psycho-Pass movie coming out in theaters will be subbed or dubbed? I called my theater but they didn't know and I don't see it posted anywhere either. Just curious if anyone has an idea which will be shown in theaters?

  • It looks like it has both an English and a Japanese cast so I imagine it can be either. Might just depend on what your theatre is showing?

    They might not know because….Having worked in a theatre before.....People asking about random small movies like this can be confusing....But they should still be able to look it up if they are showing it.

  • Yeah I think you're right about that, the theaters probably haven't been given any info on it. I just wish it was posted somewhere, maybe online. I'm pretty invested in the dub version and already bought my tickets.

    Edit: I contacted Fandango but they didn't know either. How can nobody know this information lol

  • The Movie is both Dubbed and With English subs – It seems to depend on which theater that is showing it which it is playing. Sadly it seems as though theaters in Canada are only showing subbed, but your local might be different.

    • I guess I should add "for now" - However i the 2 cineplex theaters i called and spoke too told me they only know of the E.S.T. version

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