Limited edition package of Lord Marksman and Vanadis

  • I just finished watching the series and with the limited edition package of the series you receive six art cards of the war maidens and the limited edition one I received is missing one of the six art cards of the war maidens. The package was fully sealed when I received it and I was wondering am I going to have to buy the series again to try and get the card I am missing, or were their such limited amounts created of the art cards that some of the limited edition packages are going to be missing one or two of each of the cards? If anyone can let me know if I can somehow get the one art card I am missing someway or am I just going to have to deal with just missing one of the art cards I would be much obliged for any information. Normally Funimation is great about the extra items that come with there limited edition packages, could I just chalk this up to either there wasn't enough made for the packages or human error when they placed the cards in the packages before they sealed them up before shipping them out. I still love what Funimation does as a company but if I have to say that things happen for a reason and deal with the repercussions I will do that, Sorry for the lengthy thread but any information would be helpful

    Thank you all!

  • Please send in a ticket to and let them know about your issue. They'll do their best to get things right. :)

  • @Earth Titan - You'll definitely want to make a ticket about this issue with the reason code Product Concerns –

    I don't deal with physical product at all, so I can't even guess at an answer to this question, but they should be able to give you more information there.


  • I bought the package from another site not the site so should I still sumbit a ticket though?

  • If the product is not a Funimation product (as in, it's a release of the show that Funimation didn't put out) then there's definitely, 100% nothing we can do. If it's the Funimation release, but was acquired through a 3rd party seller, you will almost certainly have to contact the seller for more information about the cards. However, even though you should go ahead and contact the seller, it's not going to HURT anything to contact our Product Concerns department in the manner listed above at the same time and see.

    The worst they can say is no. :) But I would definitely go ahead and contact the seller.

  • Where exactly did you buy the set from, if you don't mind me asking?

    If you got it from RightStuf, then I'm certain the support staff over there would be happy to help with your issue.

  • I bought the product from is where I bought the set from

  • Ah yes. Just send an e-mail to "customercare@animecorner(dot)com" and let Robert know about your issue. He should get everything squared up for you. If you have Twitter, you can also try reaching him at

  • I already have emailed there customer care and also submitted a ticket to Funimations support if that will help as well, so I just have to wait to hear back from them on what they say. I hope that this gets sorted out, and thank you for the help Spaceman Hardy!

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