Up coming movies in March

  • I was wondering why the two up coming movies in March seem to be playing in fewer theaters.

    I Don't live in a small town but it's no New York either. The last two DBZ movies played in more than one theater in my town. I know they did well because I had trouble getting tickets since they were selling out.

    Just curious if there might be some other reason that not one theater in northern SC is showing any of the movies. I work full time and take a lot of call so I'm only allowed to travel so far away from my job at times. Makes it difficult to travel.

  • Theatres might have been more willing to accept Dragon Ball Z because it is so well known to Western Audiences. These new movies might be deemed too obscure or non-profitable so they chose not to show the movies.

    If someone has a better answer please share I am pulling this from the air >.<

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