• seeing as us otaku and anime fans are a pretty niche community (although we are spread all over the world) i was wondering….what are some things that we can participate in, be part of, check out, or do to satisfy our anime needs??

    of course there is always the mainstream channels such as....

    Cosplay Meets
    IRL Meets
    Forum Discussions
    Fan Websites and Forums
    Kantai Collection and Phantasy Star Online (if we understand japanese or have the english patches)


    can anyone recommend any games that a lot of otaku play and have communities within?
    (maybe blade and soul, cosmic league, league of legends)

    are there any websites that a lot of us frequent besides stream websites or tokyo otaku mode on FB?

    social apps ?? (i've seen a few like meetup and other anime related ones but they dont seem to be genuinely used)

    ALL SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS WELCOME! lets build together

    i guess i wrote this post not only to help my own boredom, but to also to serve as a guide to anybody else that may be struggling to connect with our community or just trying to find things to do to

  • This is just my personal experience talking, but for social networks both Tumblr and Plurk seem to have good anime communities, though Plurk is a lot harder to get in to, since there's no aggregate feed or anything.

    Shameless shout out to my friends at The Nerdgasm Channel for a podcast-y, YouTube-y group thing. They cover a lot of other nerd stuff but one of their core members is very into anime. (https://www.youtube.com/user/NerdgasmChannel)

    From what I can tell, there's a pretty high anime contingent in Final Fantasy XIV as well, which makes sense.

    I'm sure people will have other ones to add, but there are a lot of YouTube and Facebook groups.

    Also there's always DubbleTalk, of course. ;)

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