Your Favorite Music Genre(s)

  • I think it's a pretty simple topic, idea. You post your favorite genres, and possibly artists and why.

    Being very general, Classical and Rock are my favorite genres. However, to get more specific:

    Classical-wise: I really like all of the Classical periods for their unique qualities. I've went through several phases of liking one more than the others, but now I'm to a point where I just really enjoy all of them. I might have a slight bias towards Impressionistic, still, though.

    Rock-wise: Most of the rock I listen to fits into the general Classic Rock category. I have a tendency to prefer bands that are a bit more on the experimental side, especially instrumentally. I love brass/woodwind instruments in rock music, for one thing. So I love Jazz Rock. However, I like Progressive in general. And since I grew up with it (my parents having grown up in that generation), I have a soft spot (no pun intended) for soft rock (such as Bread, America, Jim Croce). The radio stations I tend to listen to are all "Oldies" stations. I'm not sure what exactly that means, but that's what I usually like.

    I like some modern music, as well. However, I don't have a high amount of exposure to it, so I don't know many. I like some Ska Punk, because I love my wind instruments, of course. My favorite modern band is Streetlight Manifesto, although, to me, they're something different from Ska (the influence of Ska is obvious at places, but not always). I also like some of the rock from the early and mid 2000's. Admittedly, it's probably all middle school/early high school nostalgia that makes me like them, but some of them I do love more than I did back then.

    Obviously, you don't have to make a post like I did (if anybody actually read that? lol) but please try not to just say "I pretty much listen to everything". Can anybody really even claim that? I try to keep an open-mind to music, but there is just some genres I can not get into no matter how hard I try.

  • I have to admit, much as I try, I'm pretty close-minded when it comes to music. If it's not classic rock, hard rock, or j-rock, I tend to not be into it all that much. There are exceptions though (I'll get to those in a moment).

    As far as classic rock goes (though I'm not sure the term really applies to all of them), I love Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Monkees, and Jimi Hendrix. For hard rock, I tend to stick mostly with Disturbed or Deftones, with the occasional sprinkling of Rammstein, but I do like some other bands - their names just escape me usually. For j-rock, it's all over depending mostly on what shows I've seen, but I tend to always like L'Arc~en~Ciel and Asian Kung Fu Generation.

    Those exceptions I mentioned earlier - I'm admittedly not that big on country music (surprising given where I live I suppose), but I have found a certain fondness for some of Toby Keith's music. Taylor Swift too. I'm also not that big on rap, but I've heard a nice handful of songs from Eminem and a few others that I don't dislike. I'm also not that big on pop, but I've liked most of Lady Gaga's music that I've heard too.

    I'm an odd duck when it comes to music. :P

  • If given the choice, I always prefer the radio tuned to an 80's station. I like classic rock, 80's and 90's pop, 90's alternative, and even listen to the oldies station (50's and 60's), but I'll always choose 80's over the others (unless I'm listening sports like ESPN radio).

    As far as Japanese music, I've become a fan of a few groups, but it is usually because I was introduced to their music through them having a popular song as an anime opening or closing. I own a lot of music from Megumi Hayashibara, Mikuni Shimokawa, T.M. Revolution, Two-Mix, See-Saw, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, High and Mighty Color, Flow, UVERworld, Aqua Timez, Dream, and The Pillows.

  • A while ago, before I started getting into anime and what not, I listened mostly to Metallica and Disturbed so it was mainly metal and heavy rock that were some of my preferred genres. Although, I can't say that I enjoy it more than everything else these days. And now that I have been watching more anime, I do actually like listening to Japanese music more, and recently, Kalafina has become one my very favorites. Certainly, much of that has to do with some anime that I've watched, but I started branching out and hearing more of their songs, and I've gradually been buying several of their songs on iTunes.

  • Rap is by far my favorite. Followed by country.

    I just love the lyricism in rap. Being able to write something that flows, is clever, rhymes, and manages to tell some sort of a story has always impressed me. I also love how different all the rappers are. Other styles of music sound pretty similar to me, I can't tell one heavy metal band from another, they're just noise. Rap is different. Someone like Eminem will have a bunch of multisyllable rhymes and tell a deep story, while someone like Lil Wayne will have just absurd word play and crazy metaphors, there's just a ton of variety even though it's one genre.

    Country, on the other hand, I've just always listened to. Not sure why I like it, lyrics are kind of mediocre most of the time and the music is slow a lot of times, but still, something about it makes me enjoy it.

    Since I've been watching anime the past like 6-7 months I've started listening to a lot of Japanese music too, which is ironic because I like rap because of the lyrics, yet I can't understand a single word of Japanese. Still though, the Japanese language is amazing so I enjoy listening to it.

  • Well, this is an indepth view of why you listen or don't? interesting.

    Generally like most people i use music to reflect my emotions, though the most fun part of it all is how it effects my writing. Now you may be thinking i'm getting off topic. I'm not, i shall point out all the music genre's i love.

    Metal: I love metal, it's probably one of the most diverse versions of music to me. I pretty much fell in love with it when i was reteaching myself to play bass again. Though before i enjoyed it alot, i was into more of the stuff that i was influenced on by other people. Thus Metal holds a special place to me. It allowed me to become myself, and because of that it pushed forward into it. Metal is also the only thing that seems to calm me down, and give me a sort of sense of peace. (Funny on how some of the themes on metal is death destruction and what not.) I used it to help me sleep and many other reasons. Just every aspect of it allowed me to connect with it on many different levels, and because of that, no matter what language or style most of the time i will enjoy it if it's metal.

    Classical Music(Orchestra) : I enjoy it, though i think it's more on the big band aspects then on the others. This is probably influenced by my appreciation for silence and a sort of feel of perfection. The Music (Though not helpful for plant growth. Though metal is. :P I wonder who will catch that.) I actually feel like Orchestra and Classical music is the best suited for violent actions (ahah see? it starts to get weird :P) Which is often shown in my Writing. Though it's also something people have found funny, when watching TV or playing a game in my location, they tend to realize that it's that when it's that time when it happens. I also think, since some forms of metal itself has direct connections to Classical Music (Beethoven is an example to some aspect of it.) it may be one of the influences.

    I generally after this will not listen to much else. To me Rock falls into my Metal Section, in it's detail and understanding. Then after that all other music is merely just there. it's probably strange to say that. there is Certain Genre's i outright hate. And for the sake of not bring into a huge fight or provoking one i will not bring them up. But they tend to make me feel unnerved and annoyed when i hear them. I will give all genres a chance though, and as such have accumulated quite a list of songs and such in a more diverse style of genres.

  • Wow! OK. Music is a major part of every day life for me! I can't function without something playing in the background all of the time. Like most of you, I too prefer classic rock. It would be easier to list the music that I don't like such as rap and county, but the fact is that there are songs in those genres that I like as well. For example, I like Too Live Crue, the Beastie Boys, and Nikki Minaj, but otherwise can not stand rap. I have a T shirt that says "Music is like candy You need to remove the rap to enjoy it!" I like pop music because it is fun and I like to dance, but when I'm not dancing I don't tend to listen to pop either. I wish that I could sound refined and say that I like classical music, but mostly I find it boring and mundane. Personally, I can not stand string quartets. It gives me shivers just thinking about it. Ugh! Metal, Hard rock, Punk, Thrash, Blues, and Classic Rock dominate my general listening.

  • I listen to a bit of everything, but my CDs are mainly:

    Hard Rock
    Heavy Metal
    Power Metal
    Symphonic Metal
    Industrial Metal
    Movie Soundtracks
    Anime Soundtracks

    Genres I like the least are Country music and Rap, though there are still a few I artists in these I will listen to.

  • I'm a bit allover when it comes to music. At least that what I'm gonna say this time. I've come to terms that my main music intake is metal, Death metal, thrash, power, speed. Anything but hair/glam(which isn't really metal, sorry). Reason it's my favorite main genre is because I just tend to like fast heavy music. Death metal would be the sub-genre of choice, as it tend to be a finer point this genre of music represent for me. Which can be darkness, fantasy, heroics, morals, hatred, empowerment, etc.

    I'm also into pop rock or classical rock/hard rock…not much, but mainly stuff like rush. No trendy music like System of a Down or Disturbed or 5 Finger Death Punch. Pop Rock because of Sara Bareilles(and no that's not trendy).

  • I mainly listen to anime music

  • I like 80s music, it just feels, right. I also enjoy very old country music ( Johhny Cash, Conway twitty). And just rock, metal, Celtic, etc…lots of stuff really...I guess.

  • Will I like J-pop music, K-pop music, R&B music, Pop music, few 60's, 70's music, 80's and 90's music.

  • I would also like to go for 80's music..That particular decade was considered to be the happiest in terms of music.Some best pop and rock tracks from Madonna, Prince and Cindy Lauper, Billy Idol, Grace Jones and many others give some great contribution and best tracks.

  • Gothic or regular heavy metal for me :3

  • For me, well beside the usual pop music (western), I do like some J-pop (I would like it more if Japan promote/market it outside of Japan), but I am crazy over K-pop!!! Girls Generation/SNSD FTW!!!

  • I like a little bit of everything when it comes to music. I'd like to say that I'm musically educated for my age since most people my age listen to what I'd consider garbage. Maybe its a music Snob then lol…

    Rock: I love Psychedelic Rock more than any other type of music and its usually my daily go-to. Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, so much more. I like a lot of mellow music usually in this genre mainly for all the instrumental parts and I love just hearing an artist "rock out". I also love a lot of new rock music, my favorite band being My Chemical Romance (which disbanded....) and Arctic Monkeys.

    Classical: The most angelic music I've ever heard. Chopin is my main favorite since the piano is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard that I WISH I knew how to play. Any good piano scores I take full appreciation of.

    JRock: LM.C, Miyavi, The Gazette, FLOW, so much more that I've all been introduced to through anime or random youtube searching. Great music and awesome videos usually.

    Grunge: Anything! I'm so sad that this genre has disappeared basically!

    Other: Not sure what Utada Hikaru is generalized under but she deserves to be mentioned. I've always loved her songs ever since I heard her in Kingdom Hearts as a kid. Lana Del Rey has interested me lately also. Not sure what they go under so I just call it other since they arent my main genres that I listen to.

  • hey guys :D

  • Dubstep, DnB, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Trap (Bass Music) <–---Nuff said

  • Anything except Country music.

    Here are some genres I would enjoy.
    Classical (If In the right mood)
    A little bit of 1920's/30's/40's Big bands if they're popular
    Classic Rock (Queen, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.)
    Hard Rock/Grudge/Screamo/Heavy Metal or whatever you call it.
    Parody/Comedy (Wierd Al, Lonely Island)
    Some Pop here and there
    A little bit of R&B
    Good rap, but not modern rap.

  • I like Electronica like Techno, house, and dubstep music.

  • I love Music and in music i like jazz rock genre because people said that music is a food of soul we listen it all time

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