'FunimationNow' app for Android TV OS needed

  • @Bfranks783 Could you please use the PS4 app thread, so we can keep this thread about Android TV?


    The app is taking a long time to load overall, so I think that is also affecting playback.

  • Any updates on the android app release?

    New PS4 app still buffers..

    Having the app on the android tv with crunchy roll and Hulu (that both work great) would be nice

  • @jibby21 The Android TV app is still going through QA testing.

    For PS4 buffering, please fill out the form at the bottom of www.funimation.com/contact-us, please, so that the issue can be investigated.

  • 2 years since this thread was started, 7 months since the announcement that "It's official. We're building an app for Android TV. :D No ETA, of course." I know you guys don't want to release an unpolished, and buggy app, but it is my understanding that this is a port of the firetv app. How low of a priority are we? Don't get me wrong, we appreciate that they are even making this, and testing it before release, but (and I speak for myself alone here) we're getting rather antsy for this to be available. Any eta for release date?

  • A Switch and 3DS version would be nice as well...

  • @Sophie said in 'FunimationNow' app for Android TV OS needed:

    @Bfranks783 Could you please use the PS4 app thread, so we can keep this thread about Android TV?


    The app is taking a long time to load overall, so I think that is also affecting playback.

    any update about Android TV please

  • 15 days has past since last official reply, still you guys are testing?? Why I am saying 15 day!! it's almost 2 YEARS

  • Android TV has been a lower priority compared to other devices. Development only began a few months ago. In fact, back when the service was still called "Funimation Streaming Service", the Android TV app was only a suggestion to be worked on much later. Development on it did not begin until after the service became Funimation Now.

    It's true that the Android TV app is basically a port of the Fire TV app. However, after the Fire TV app, we developed the latest Roku channel app and made a bunch of improvements and changes to some of the feed logic on it. This meant that things that weren't bugs for Fire TV originally became bugs for it and Android TV, which has increased development and QA time.

    Also, our QA team still has to test the other apps as we make improvements and fixes to them.

    We're nearly there, and we really appreciate your patience.

  • ...So no Switch version then? :/

  • @Joeynator3000 I can ask. ^_^

    There wasn't an SDK out for Switch the last time we inquired. Now that Nico Nico has launched on Switch in Japan, we will be inquiring again.

  • Is the User Acceptance Testing nearing completion on the Android TV app? Or have you run into delays? (Eg waiting on bug fixes)

  • @Sophie Awesomeness. owo

  • Hey there my funimation friends.

    Any news on this? The Android tv app?

    Will we have it soon?

  • @jibby21 No date yet. There look to be 30 open bugs - most of them medium level. Nothing crazy.

  • @Sophie I recommend bringing the programmers snacks. Sure fire way to speed up the bug fixes.

  • Please bring it to Android TV! I just subbed and went straight to the play store on my Sony Bravia Android TV only to find that only crunchyroll has an app! :'(

  • @dannomite Sometimes, we get pizza. :D ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

    @Rigo86 The app should be available soon. There are some bugs that need to be fixed first.

  • @Sophie Pizza!? That's the golden currency of food... Now we KNOW you guys are serious about getting that app out!

  • Ill be honest. When deciding on what to get, I picked Nvidia Shield, because (aside from Funimation, it had everything I use to stream/had apps on the way, aka twitch.tv), and I read online that the rumors of Funimation coming to shield seemed accurate... 3 years have passed and still no funimation app. Honestly, its quite pathetic.. I like to think Funimation has a good sense of how to grow, but to see all of these sub-par streaming platforms and to not see Funimation. Its quite sad really. Ive unsubbed to funimation after having nothing reasonable to stream it off of and being subbed for several months with no use (runs like trash on my computer). Free streaming sites run smoother and still run at 720p. Funimation is no longer worth it to me. Probubly wouldnt even work on my shield if I had it, and netflix and hulu are making ground on dubbed anime. Its sad, because they started changing their image, but it doesnt seem like they've even made an attemt to change their streamability and quality of their site.

  • Android TV is only really starting to hit it mainstream due to the "Free TV" android boxes. I can't fault them for going the video game console/Roku route. At the time, it looked like Roku was the horse to bet on.

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