Sorting Shows by Popularity Doesn't Work, Please Fix!

  • If you click Shows and then attempt to filter by popularity and click say "4 stars" you only get 3 pages worth of results. "5 stars" gets you less than 1. "3 stars" also gives you less than one.

    If it possible that the filtering algorithm for this is not functioning as intended? As an example, when I mouse over "A Certain Magical Index" or "A Certain Scientific Railgun" both are listed as having 5 stars, but when I try and filter "show me only 5 star anime" neither of those are there.

    Could a developer possibly take a look at this?

  • Thank you for reporting.

    The Popularity filter is looking for the correct range of average overall community ratings for each star, but some shows aren't being listed despite being in the correct range for some reason.

    Unfortunately, The Suggestions Box is not for reporting bugs. Fortunately, however, this issue will be resolved when the US site is updated to our new rebuilt site in May. Please see for a few more details.

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