Facts you should know - is this video spoiler free?

  • Hi, I was wondering if someone who watches the sub or reads the manga could watch this video and let me know whether or not it would be safe for someone that only watches it dubbed to watch this video. Currently, the dub is up to episode 212 (37 of 2014).
    I'd absolutely love to watch it but it wouldn't be worth it if it spoiled anything, I've had way too much spoiled for me already. Oh and if there is a spoiler but only at a certain point, say at the very end, please let me know that too and I could just keep an eye how long the videos been on for and stop before then.

  • It gives away one of Gray's later designs, somehow still believes Happy was sent from Edolas to kill Dragon Slayers, and SERIOUSLY butchers almost all of the names, fictional AND real.

  • Thanks immblueversion :) It sounds like it would annoying to watch, with such stupid mistakes and I wouldn't really be able to rely on anything said in that video.

  • Actually, those are really the only mistakes. There's also a vague fact saying Wendy made a cameo in the anime before her manga appearance, but I think they meant that her cameo takes place before the point in the story where she first appeared. And the video was obviously recorded before the Fairy Tail Zero anime came out, because it says it'd come out "sometime in 2016". Once you get past these annoyances, there's quite a bit of interesting stuff, though much of it is based on observation.

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