Season 8 sets

  • I just found out on the One Piece Wiki that Season 8 1st Voyage was announced, and that Season 8 will be in 6 voyages….but with the number of episodes, which there are 60 episodes (59 if they don't include that crossover one), it would come out as 5 voyages of 12 episodes exactly(Or one will have 11 episodes if that one episode is cut)....wonder how they will pull off 6 of them. Voyage 1 has 12 episodes already.

  • Yea thats weird what the heck? I thought they would just do 5 voyages and can they please just dub that cross over… -_-... for completionist sakes, I dont want a gap in the show when they've come so far doing every episode.

  • Nice thing…Season 8 Voyage 1 comes out May 31st, about a month after Season 7 6th voyage.

  • Also want to say…I want to see episode 492 (The crossover episode) to be included and not skipped either.

  • Would they release maybe 12 or 11 episodes into the original season 9 idk.

  • Well, just preordered Season 8 Voyage 1… got 3 One Piece DVD sets to look forward to.

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