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  • Monster Hunter/Attack on Titan Fanfiction started. However, before I start, I need some suggestions:

    First off- A New type of Titan will be appearing in this story- the Frenzied Titans. For information involving the Frenzy Virus, look it up on the Monster Hunter Wiki. However, I need help designing the look and behavior of these Titans. Example, do they devour humans while frenzied? Or do they just cause wanton death and destruction? These descriptions I will leave to the fans.

    Second- How will Eren and his closest friend play into the story? At the beginning (aka the first chapter), they will be 'found', covered in a block of ice, but not dead by hypothermia, instead going the Rip van Winkle route, and just frozen in suspended animation in Shingashina District.

    Rules: none, just asking for some assistance from the fans.

    Anyone who needs it, here is the intel on the Frenzy Virus and how it works:


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