Fairy Tail: Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray

  • Hello! I've recently become absolutely addicted to Fairy Tail! However, it is not my first anime and I have been a collector of anime related merchandise for many years. This includes the DVDs/Blu-Ray combo packs. I have full intention of purchasing pretty much every product available on this site. However, I noticed FUNimation appears to no longer be selling the Part 1 Boxed set here on there website. A quick search on Amazon.com led to my discovery of the fact that if I'd like to purchase the box set new, it will cost me something like five hundred dollars. I'm not opposed to spending this money on boxed sets, but on a single one seems a little unreasonable to me. Does anyone know where I might find and purchase the Part 1 set in new condition and at a reasonable price? I'm aware I can purchase them from other sellers, but after having a few bad experiences purchasing DVDs in which the condition is marked "like new", yet really isn't, I'd like to try and find something in the original packaging, or at least in quality condition.

  • I'm also a big fan of Fairy Tail and it is one of the first animes that I have actually purchased copies of. I actually bought the collections instead of the individual parts because you get more episodes in each set. They currently have collections 1 - 5 available to purchase here at Funimation which includes episodes 1 - 120 between the five of them. I believe they are also on sale right now so each collection is just over $40. Hope that helps =)

  • part 1 is no longer in print, so you are unlikely to find any new copies at a reasonable price.

  • Ah, I understand. But thank you to everyone who answered and I was thrilled to hear about the collections! Perfect solution in my mind!

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