The Future Diary Blu Ray for NA; Plus Redial

  • Anybody have any information on either of these topics. i've been looking around (and searching) and I haven't found too much as of yet. has anyone else had any better luck finding information on these things?

    The topics being: When is The Future Diary going to be released on blu-Ray in North America (I'd assume by FUNimation…)? Secondly, has anybody heard anything about Redial? I can't find anything... I tried looking in the direct anime sub-section in the forum, but I might as well just look at a black sheet of paper or a monitor that is turned off: there isn't anything there...

    So if you have any useful information on the subject, post it here.

    Thanks in advance.

  • they don't have redial, and nothing has been said by anyone at Funimation if they are going after the license. We may not see Future Diary on Blu-ray for some time, since Kadokawa released a blu-ray box set for Future Diary today, or whenever it became the 29th, in Japan. so, that means Blu-ray rights are off the table for the foreseeable future until Kadokawa feels comfortable they wont loosing anything significant from reverse importation, and nobody knows when that will be

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  • Looking at the details for Redial, it is a based on a spinoff manga. It wasn't even announced till long after the anime finished airing so it will be a separate license. Since is was bundled with the manga itself, obtaining it might be difficult if not impossible since it was a) exclusive and b) there was probably a different blend of companies involved.


    It looks like the Japanese BD Box included Redial so it may be possible that FUNimation can get access to it if/when they are eventually allowed to release the TV series on BD (and assuming they actually want to).

  • Redial should be included in the Complete Series edition.

  • they should do a special box set with the whole series and some random art work or something (or maybe a dream come true get the whole comic/manga set translated to English and sell it as a huge bundle) I'd buy all that for 300$ or something ive been trying to track down the translated comic set but its so hard to find good copies and I want the whole thing to be translated not just 3/4 of it.

  • So anyway, Future Diary has now been announced for a Blu-ray release (yay!), but still no news on whether the Redial OVA will be included with it. Considering that Redial is supposedly the epilogue for the series and helps explain the ending, I really hope it comes out too, even as a sub-only extra.

  • here's my main question when it will come out, but that seems to have been answered, (be a bit of time.) im just wondering if there is any possibility of them finishing off the magna series at all ive collected used copies of the series enjoyed the hell out of it but im wondering if funimation could do a super collectors edition that has the whole series in blue-ray plus OVA and as a super cool awesome bonus have the full magna series and the extra bits like "paradox, redial, (kaleidoscope not sure on that ones name) and any other one that was made)" and add in the live action series to. price it up to around 200 give it a nice box. now that would be perfect :D><

  • Anyone got any info on if Redial is being dubbed let alone ever going to subbed by Funimation? As far as I can tell on the home page of Future Diary it still only has 26 episodes and the OVA isn't even mentioned… <=^(

    And the "Complete Series" edition is coming out on BD and DVD "soon" it says, but does not include the OVA only episodes 1 - 26. =(

    By saying the "Complete Series" is that the final nail in the coffin that the OVA will never be acquired by Funimation? Not even officially Subbed?

  • Think of the OVA as DLC and episodes 1-26 as the main game. They are selling it as a complete series meaning that you will be getting all 26 episodes. DLC not necessarily included, though in this case it won't be.

  • 1`look it up on youtube its free and worth it

  • @jerfcrafter:

    free and worth it

    Sounds right. ;P

  • Sadly we will probably never get redial. Which is weird back in the day alot of licensees liked to pick up OVAs now it seems to never happen. Which is kinda bs in a way since this another show among how many last couple years that decided to give the complete ending as an OVA.

  • Was announced that this November we are getting Future Diary with Redial! Does anyone know if this will be dubbed?

  • @hellsing20 Oh yeah it's getting the dub treatment.

  • @GalaxyCrisis How do you know?

  • @Zethus The Pre-order page says it features both English and Japanese voices and doesn't exclude the OVA

  • @Zethus The blog post announcing it said the OVA was never "dubbed or released before." That's enough evidence for me that it will be.

  • Thank you GalazyCrisis for posting the blog post. All of the actual product pages for purchase I have seen (rightstuff and funimation shop) left that part out.

  • Well, this consider that this thread has been answered.

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