Show impressions

  • So far erased has been a very interesting and intellectual anime. With the constant twist and turns it is hard for me to find any tactics that are recycled or overused in this show. I look forward to every Thursday to see this show it has me involved and hooked than I ever thought I'd be.

  • It is definitely my favorite show of the season. Not that I'm watching much, but still. This show is the first (new, non-sequel simulcast) in a good while that has me thinking "I so want to buy this" at the end of every episode. And I probably will in spite of AOA's pricing provided it carries through to the end.

  • I agree it is by far my favorite show of this season. Second would be Grimgar of fantasy and ash. I'm not usually on for intense shows but these shows do it right. If funimation sold it on DVD I'd buy it.

  • After seeing the last episode today, I've got to say that I can't think of any other 12 episode anime that I've seen that left me feeling quite so fulfilled at the end. Usually, there is no ending at all, or a horribly rushed and inconclusive ending. This ending actually left me with a sense of closure though. Even though I really liked the show, I am not bummed that there will be no more seasons.

  • episode 7 He's going back in a second time, hope all works out. Totally hooked

  • I just finished the show, as fear3d did, but I disagree that it ended well. There was definitely closer, which is more than what can be said for most short shows (or even long shows), but I found the ending a little anticlimactic. I won't give away any spoilers since not everyone on the forums has finished the show, but I felt that it was too easy, too tidy, and didn't really fit with the pacing of the rest of the show. Maybe if they had combined episode 11 and 12 it'd have fixed the pacing issue.

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