Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash DUB….

  • WOW…

    Ok this one was even better than the JP version... you know.... the entire thing comes off very differently than the JP version as well. It almost feels like a completely different take on it. Also... the JP version can be kind of flat in some places, the English version is much better in this regard. Ranta comes off as only moderately annoying, and kind of a dick in the JP version but in the English version he sounds more like a walking joke and a wannabe than a spiteful annoyance which is totally different... but still strangely fitting.

    Yume I like the voice on this one, but admittedly the JP voice actor for her is soo good at making her sound completely goofy I don't think anyone could compete. Still the English Yume is really good.

    Manato also feels kinda forced, still very good, but not quite as natural as the JP voice actor.

    Shihoru... just as good if not better than the JP voice actor. Same with Mogzo.

    Haruhiro... this one also is very good,

    Its really the tone of the Anime that changed with the English Voice actors... for whatever reason it brings out the anime as a whole much better, and improves the overall quality of it, and I thought the JP version was really good.

    I have to say, this version of it wins... the English cast in this one beats them. And it brings out a tone in the Anime I can't really describe yet, but its a... warmer version I think... it "feels" like they're closer somehow...

    Dubbing this one may have been an outstanding choice. It really puts it over the top.

  • I have not seen the show subbed so I cannot say to that, but I can agree that the dub cast did a great job! The show itself is awesome too! I haven't really seen a show with that kind of art style before. Feels a lot like D&D lol

  • @Phoenixus:


    Ok this one was even better than the JP version...

    *Called it first

    Even the voice work Japanese side is terrible… this show would be English-only if that. IT is horrible show all around...


    Since then, and especially now in 2016… Japanese Language versions can be horrifying... This is mostly because Japanese talent that built up in the 1990s mostly retired or scaled back; all of "the good English people" consolidated into one company, Funimation.

    Whereas the talent that still exists in Japan is scattered amongst many companies, the English talent is all focused with Funimation.

    I TOLD you the English was gonna be better… the Japanese one was poorly done by Japanese Standards.

    Doesn't make it watchable though. Still super epix kiddie and all the other stuff I said b4 but alas no matter.

    +1 thegrandalliance

  • @thegrandalliance:

    I TOLD you the English was gonna be better… the Japanese one was poorly done by Japanese Standards.

    I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt over that even back then… mostly because it was being done by Funimation....

    But you know as well as I do... English dubs can be really hit or miss sometimes.

    Doesn't make it watchable though. Still super epix kiddie and all the other stuff I said b4 but alas no matter.

    +1 thegrandalliance

    I just don't get this part.. this "super epix kiddie" BS you've been spewing…

    While I certainly am willing to accept people have their own tastes as far as what they like or don't like...

    This thing is anything BUT... super epix kiddie overpowered hero crap... its brutal and vicious, and these guys are anything but overpowered teenybopper heros...

    Look man... I'm willing to hear you out..... BUT... if you're going to bring things up... at least be accurate...

  • @Phoenixus:

    This thing is anything BUT… super epix kiddie overpowered hero crap... its brutal and vicious, and these guys are anything but overpowered teenybopper heros...

    You will see… as I said before by the time this show is done they will be epix. THe story is starting from the "rock bottom" and gonna finish all the way on the top. That's why it is super epix of course :)

    Only Time Shall Tell...

  • After watching the new season of DubbleTalk hyping this show up, I decided to watch it against my better judgment. Boy was my judgement spot on right about this show. It's horrifically bad.

    Such a beautifully designed characters, background, and dub only to be ruin by everything else, such as this mystery story, character writing, and exposition. This show comes straight off the back of so may other mmo/rpg genre anime. Boring and not intended for

    Funimation has "knocked it out the park" with this dub. It works and everyone sounds great! Too bad they chose to place high quality effort on this particular show while better simulcasts titles go un-dubbed.

  • the only things left are Luck and Logic, Rainbow days, and Haruchika. are you enjoying those more?

  • I am enjoying Haruchika and Rainbow Days are my favorites this Winter season. From their first episode, was hoping for a broadcast dub. Unfortunately these two shows didn't make the broadcast dub cut.

    Luck and Logic, I'm not enjoying it but I do have it in my queue and 'slowly' getting through episodes.

  • well, I am genuinely surprised. I honestly did not think you would like either of those

  • Wow, I just watched Episode 6 on the Subbed side… this thing just keeps getting better and better.

    I can't wait for the Dub to catch up.

    I've already read the light novels to this point, and this thing hasn't deviated much. Only in very minor ways.

    The 6th episode starts off with the hilarious consequences of the Haru and Yume hug scene. And then straight into the action, and then delves deep into Mary's history. And its perfectly executed.

    Its starting to build up.

  • Now that we're up to Episode 6….

    I'm starting to see the little traits or "tells" about these kids and where they come from. Even though the anime... and light novel for that matter make it clear they've lost their memories.... there are little things about them that tell you what they were before they came to Grimgar.

    Ranta (Dark Knight): His attitude, combined with a lack of aptitude and the cloths he arrived in make it pretty clear he was kind of unwanted and no one paid attention to him. He acts out trying to play the rebel, yet when challenged in any meaningful way he backs down quickly. He talks to build his ego, because its actually pretty fragile. He was someone who grew up in a place where no one paid attention to him, likely his family either deserted him, or he was invisible to them. So he goes over the top to try to get attention... even the negative kind. Its even possible he was bullied and teased about how short he is and is overcompensating.

    Manato (Healer): I think this guy grew up in a really strict family... maybe an abusive one. but not physically... more verbally. Manato really doesn't believe in himself. And he continuously tries to act as the glue to keep everyone together. I suspect his family may have been wealthy too, mostly due to his manners and dress when he arrives Grimgar. He thinks deep down he's something bad. Also says once that he felt like he was made to be yelled at. You come across this in multiple places during the series. While he seems perfect, and solid on the outside... the inside is much different.

    Mogzo (Warrior): This one was easy. This guy is so timid, and obviously had never been in a fight in his life. He lived very quietly and unassuming. Likely as a cook in some restaurant somewhere, and he probably liked his old life. Had a hobby wood carving. Prefers crafting to combat. Given how clumsy he was and completely lost in any kind of fight, it was obvious this guy is someone who was not used to this kind of life.

    Yume (Hunter): You know her cloths on arrival don't say this but I'd swear she grew up on a farm or out in the country somewhere. She's not too bright really and very naïve, also the way she moves her body its like she has no idea of how unintentionally sexy she is. Yet... what is abnormal (and only brought up in the light novels) is that she doesn't like killing "cute" animals which is highly abnormal for anyone who grows up on a farm or the country where they are very in tune with the cycle of life and nature.
    I personally.....seriously think she grew up dirt poor. She makes a statement early on about eating so fast she almost chokes, and her "instructor" always told her to eat slower. I think she grew up somewhere that food was scarce or where she seldom had the luxury of eating, also she doesn't appear to be very educated.

    Shihoru (Mage): This one also is pretty easy. She just screams... shy and daddy's good little girl. who spent a lot of time alone. I had a girlfriend like this once, and its hard to tell you what makes them up. She could never relate to people either, and would never say much other than to squeak out a word or two here and there, her eyes were always on the floor. Her father was a good guy, and warm. Her mother was always too busy for her. Which may be very similar to this Shihoru, and why she likes or relates to Manato. Also I remember my... "Shihoru"... idolized me for being so brave and straight forward and never being afraid doing all these things that just terrified her, and being able to throw caution to the wind. Something she was so completely unable to do. She also had self esteem problems which had no basis in reality or in her past, much like her perception that she's fat, even though she's anything but.

    Haruhiro: Yeah this guy was just some normal, I don't want to stand out high school kid, not maladjusted or anything. In fact out of all of the above outside Mogzo, he's one of the few who isn't seriously psychologically flawed in some way. He was obviously never good at anything, and because of this, always thought everyone else was better than he was, and he lived a very insulated life, but nothing on the scale any of the others grew up with. So this kind of adventure was well beyond him.

  • Well after watching episode 2 dubbed…

    I have to say the JP version beat the English in this one. They really sounded more like they were in a fight for their lives more. Especially the part where Ranta is slaughtering the goblin while its on the ground and trying to run away (even though he does spectacular in the rest of the fight).

    The JP cast sounds like they're in a real fight. Yume in the JP version sounds a little more genuine in her concern for Haru getting stabbed, and Haru in the JP version actually sounds truly terrified when the goblin jumps on top of him.

    But you know... I think it may have been the goblin's voice itself in the English version that was the biggest part. The JP version (minus the Synth goblin voice)... You can hear the goblin squealing and in fear for its life like it knows its going to die, and it sounds REAL... the English version minimized this a great deal. I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not. Even its howl when its trying to scare them sounded more real in the JP version. (Admittedly this scene in the JP version can be very unnerving while Ranta is slaughtering a squealing goblin, so they may have attempted to minimize this for a younger audience)


    The EN version STILL manages to bring out an incredible sense of fear and desperation in the fight, its just that.... because the Goblins voice was so fantasy like... their remorse afterwards comes across as kind of contrived.... and I can't put that on the voice actors...

  • Hi! I'm new to funimation and the whole anime scene in general. The first show I started watching was Grimgar and I am confused on when episodes get dubbed… Why are only episodes 1,2, and 6 dubbed and when will the rest be dubbed?

    Thanks a lot! XD

  • new dubbed ep every Wed night. ep 6 isn't dubbed yet.

  • Thank you! Also, yes I was mistaken last week when I saw it subbed, not dubbed. Thanks a lot!

  • I have to say as of Episode 3 on the Dub Side… the English voice actors stand up very well... with only one exception... the Yume character.

    Haruhiro: This voice definitely fits. It was a good choice.

    Moguzo: This guy actually plays this character just as good if not better than the JP voice actor. This character was designed for a very mellow and even somewhat timid guy. And the voice actor for this one delivers in spades. Yet... when combat gets serious can still explode. This guy may even be slightly better than the jp voice actor, and the jp voice actor is really perfect for the character too.

    Shihoru: This girl does this character so perfect in the dub, (even though she has so few lines) that I honestly think she does even better than the JP actor... and the JP actor for Shihoru is outstanding. God what a cutie. She is just so adorable, you can't help but love this girl. The voice actor for her is incredible. And I think she does a better job than the JP one... who is also extremely good at Shihoru.

    Ranta: This character is actually more annoying than he plays it, but because he makes him sound like such a wannabe he still manages to pull of a very authentic feeling Ranta. In the Light novel, Ranta is so annoying you just want to slap him and he grates on you. He pulls off the character just enough to give a good portrayal.. but not enough to completely annoy the audience... and this may actually be a good thing... I really can't frigging stand Ranta in the novel... but the way he comes off here he's at least bearable.

    Yume: This is the only one who is kind of a miss... and I think this one was miscast for this role. The EN voice actor comes across as very self assured and nice... but... intelligent... which is the complete opposite of Yume. Yume is a real ditz and the En voice actor is just not a good choice for this one. The JP voice actor pulls it off perfectly fitting all those elements togather... unfortunately... the En voice actor just can't pull off the goof ball that Yume really is. This one is what you call a "Britney" character... and he En voice actor just isn't up to snuff on this one.
    It would be different if she could just do her own interpretation for it... but because the actual writing screams it out... she just misses the mark because there's no room for interpretation on this one. Probably should have cast this actor as Mary. She might have done a very good one.

    Manato: so far this guy is pulling off this role very well. In the first episode he sounded kind of forced, but by episode 3 he was dead on and very natural. The real test for the Manato character will come in the next episode though.

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