Suggestions for Modern Action Anime

  • I have really enjoyed anime like Jormungand, Golgo 13, Heavy Object, Gangsta, and Psycho-Pass. I am looking for other anime that are similar to these, with intense action sequences involving modern military, police or criminal organizations.

    Any suggestions?

  • Dimension W is pretty awesome, so far.

  • K. Yes it's just one letter.
    There are superpowers. I don't know if you're excluding superpowers. But it's sort of the greatest thing ever besides Code Geass. Speaking of which, Johnny Yong Bosch is in it.
    It's Viz and it's on Hulu and Netflix (s1 only). Only the first season is dubbed. The movie that comes between the first and second seasons is listed separately on Hulu. It's called K: Missing Kings.
    Do not look up anything about it because of massive spoilers.

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