Japanese rock bands/musicians similar to classic and modern rock bands

  • optional reasons/explanations

    Vamps - Hyde is a great singer. kaz is similar to every classic rock and modern rock guitarist. (maybe Jimmy page,ritchie sambora,seth morrison of skillet, ben kasica formerly of skillet,etc)
    La'cryma christi - they remind me of led zeppelin. Hiro is similar to Jimmy page. Levin is similar to John bonham.
    Breakerz - daigo is similar to David bowie
    L'arc en ciel - sakura (former drummer) is similar to John bonham, song examples natsu no yuutsu(time to say goodbye),my heart draws a dream,sai wa nagerareta,flower,love flies,etc….
    Siam shade - similar to random 80s rock bands and progressive rock bands
    Janne da arc - similar to random progressive rock bands
    Hyde - similar to David coverdale
    Sugizo - similar to jimmy page
    Luna sea - similar to classic rock bands and progressive rock bands
    Miyavi - similar to every great guitarist in the west

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