Seraph of the end dvd question

  • Hi everyone okay so I know Seraph of the end just ended as of a week ago an well yea I'm a fan of it but see the thing is I haven't seen a date & when it will be coming out to dvd anyway what I am getting at is when will Seraph of the end be on dvd & blu-ray dvd?

    Please keep in mind I am not trying to rush anything here I am just wondering. ^^;
    If I may also add loved how Chad,Lauren & Justin–From Funimation's DubbleTalk did such a good job of making Seraph of the end turn into such a fandom. x3

  • The DVD release of a show usually comes out around 12-16 months after it finishes airing in Japan. Some shows may take longer than that due to various circumstances, but that's the usual turn-around time.

  • Alright Thanks Spaceman Hard cannot wait to see the dvd when it comes out :-3

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