Anyone notice in Kanon particularly that the low bit rate kills the show?

  • I have noticed that in Kanon in particular or maybe its me starting to notice it more clearly in standard quality streams. (As in my eyes have become antiquated to noticing it after several SD shows)

    So I have noticed that Funimation has really low bit rate streams. HD has some artifcating but it isn't terrible unlike SD streams. Some of the dark scenes in Kanon have such terrible compression artifacting it is killing me.

    I am no Pro photographer or Photoshop editor but I can tell the differences better than the average joe but I can't imagine no one else has noticed the terrible compression artifacts.

    The last episodes with Mai fighting the "demons" in the dark were totally ruined by the bad compression artifacts.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I really wish funimation would at least increase the bit rate on standard. HD is decent looking. It has artifacts but the res helps hide it. SD is just painful because of the compression.

    I submitted a ticket about it because it is just terrible. I would recommend others to submit tickets about the excessively low bit rate and try to convince them to increase the bit rate.

    This is by no means the worst example but I just took one that had noticeable artifacts as I was watching. I don't feel like going on a hunt for the worst example.

    So you can see this has bad artifacting and this isn't even a "bad" one or even a "worst" case.

    EDIT: bollocks. It compressed it. Here is a link to my dropbox for the picture.

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