Hi Hi ^_^

  • Hi There my name is Rach But feel free to call me WolfPrincess,Wolfy whichever works fine for me I am older than most users here might be but who knows I've enjoy anime,manga,singing,dancing,chatting an of course anime cons. I am usually online most of the time to just surf the web check out stuff & well watch anime I am new to the funimation site & The show we all here know as DubbleTalk. I enjoy watching Dubbletalk its funny,cool an well down right nice to get info about new anime. Anywho hopefully I can make some friends here also feel free to check out my profile page an drop me a message.

  • Waving frantically

    HII!!!! And welcome to the forums! Let Spacemanhardy know if you have any issues :ninja:

    (He's going to say that. He usually does)

    Edit: This was not meant in a mean or mocking tone, I am just being silly.

  • Ok an thanks Pristess :-3

  • Welcome to the forums. Let me know if-

    …..well, yeah. What Tyrande said. ~_^

  • Welcome to the forums. Enjoy posting with us.

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