P.J.'s review: Master of Martial Hearts.

  • Well, where to begin with this? MOMH was a recommendation after Kenichi, so, I decided to give it a shot. Definitely an interesting concept - - battle your way to achieve your heart"s desire. I often think, if I was in a position to have one wish granted, what would it be? Probably going to need more time on that…. Anyway, throughout watching this, I really felt bad for Aya. My goodness, you think you might have two close friends, then, everything seemed to go up in smoke (both literally and figuratively). I love how they tried to put the guilt on her. For crying out loud, she was just trying to figure out what was going on to locate a perceived friend. What was she to do? If she lost, she would have been taken away herself! I recommend viewers to watch episodes 1 4, the last episode we really could have been spared that misery. I"m not sure if that was by design, or, was it that production monies ran dry and they purposely tried to give us the worst ending imaginable. It just seemed rushed and thrown together to have some sort of conclusion. Additionally, the family connections were just downright confusing at best. This was all, very, disappointing. I felt that the concept could have been developed more. For example, Aya is united once again with the shrine maiden (sorry, I forgot her name already, but I believe she was voiced by Alexis Tipton) then, together, they take on the real puppet masters behind this scheme. I don"t know, just throwin" an idea out there....

    I"ll give the first four episodes four out of five withholding on the last which was just terrible. Some really disturbing imagery in that final episode, Aya getting shot twice as well as some others getting shot. Let us not forget the brainwashed, dazed women (some chained) another crawling around eating crumbs from the floor, and, it was at this juncture, that I picked up on an inappropriate sexual placement. Parents should also keep in mind that there is costume break during the fight scenes between the women, so, complete frontal nudity above the belt is readily apparent. For those squeamish, there is blood. Not to add to the proverbial pile, but I will say, that the opening song for the series could have been better in my opinion.

    Recommended to a point....

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  • Friends don't let friends watch Master of Martial Hearts.

  • @P.J.:

    MOMH was a recommendation after Kenichi

    Whoever said that to you needs to be punched in the face.

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