Finish fight between Android 17 and piccolo

  • This is one of my favorite battles in DBZ, but there was no victor in this fight. But I think it's safe to say that 17 would have won if the fight hadn't been interrupted by cell. However, it would be interesting to see the fight without any interruption don't you think?

  • Okay buddy. You keep posting the same thread OVER AND OVER AND OVER and I assume you want some sort of answer.

    Funimation is not involved in making DBZ in any way. Toei Animation is, over in Japan. Honestly if you wanted to do what-if scenarios of whether they would win or lose for real you have a plethora of videogames to choose from. But for now…safe to say that the actual fight itself will not be recreated or done again in any form of Dragon Ball Z media.

    Most you can get is maybe Super 17 though. Now with all due respect...stop posting the same thread over and over? Not exactly gonna help your cause by posting it everywhere.

  • Locking this thread, since it violates the spam rules.

    You may continue to post about this here in your other thread:

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