Android 17 back in DBZ 2016

  • Android 17 is my favorite character in Dragonball Z. He refuses to be controlled, wants to be free to make his own choices, always wants to have fun, and is an awesome fighter. I don't get why they kept 18 in the series and not 17, I think Android 17 should come back in the next Dragonball Z movie if there is one. I have an idea how 17 could come back. In Dragonball Z Resurrection F we know that Whis can travel back in time. So what if Whiz travelled back in time to when Android 17 was fighting piccolo and cell interrupted, Whiz could kill cell and then the fight between Android 17 and piccolo could finish. If 17 came back in a new DBZ movie it could be when Pan is a little older and 17 gives her his scarf for some reason, and we see hear wearing an orange bandana. So this could explain why Pan wears that bandana.

  • Make a fanfic.

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