Could Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu get licensed by Funimation?

  • I have been watching some of the winter 2016 anime and Funimation has picked up some great titles, Dimension W and Grimgar along with Erased being streamed here as well. There was one anime that I watched on Crunchyroll though that I have enjoyed the most so far and that was Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I happened across Rakugo on CR earlier in the week and went to research it to see if anyone had picked it up and I found that neither Sentai, Aniplex, or Funimation have it. Now if CR does have it I'm wondering if they will release it or if this series will just disappear and never be added to any other legal sites. I have really enjoyed the show and just wondering if Funimation has the capability to license it or really any way to know that this series won't be abandoned. Any information is much appreciated, I'm sure all the Rakugo fans would want it to stay around!

  • If it's on Crunchyroll right now, then there's already a pretty strong consensus that Funimation won't be getting that title for streaming and licensing. Heard good things about it and I plan on checking it out, but right now it's chances of getting licensed by Funimation are extremely low.

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