0/0:00 Issue - Mobile/Tablet

  • This issue occurs only on mobile/tablet apps and manifests as a 0 or 0:00 in the lower right or left corner. This is only happening on the Phunware apps at this time.

    Although it looks different depending on the device, it's all the same issue. We are not sure if there are other causes of the issue or not, but one, confirmed cause of the issue is switching between wi-fi and cellular data. It may also occur switching between different wi-fi connections.

    The only solution is either to close the app and wait an extended period of time (possibly as long as 12+ hours) or delete and reinstall the app. If it is caused by switching data channels, it can also be remedied by going back to the original data source.

    You can resolve this issue by using the new app. :)


    Issue Status

    Affects: a large number of mobile/tablet users
    Status: Troubleshootable in most cases; resolved in next update
    Troubleshooting: Delete app or reconnect to original data channel.

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