Sophie, regarding the Aniplex titles.

  • I have a decent knowledge of how rights work in the industry and I think it's been mentioned before that you guys usually try to renew your licenses once they expire, successful or not. However, since Aniplex has their own division in America does this apply to recently mentioned shows that are going to expire from here? Do you guys still have the same amount of chance of getting them back as any other show not produced by Aniplex? I would like to now if there's going to be at least some kind of effort to renew them, that's all.

  • Given that Darker Than Black, Baccano!, and now Fullmetal Alchemist are all confirmed for getting removed, I think it's safe to say that the relicensing boat has sailed for Aniplex

    I'm sure there was an effort to retain them as a number of them are pretty heavy hitters, but it's been fruitless, so

  • I really want to give a kudos to FUNimation for being prompt in communicating the Baccano and now FMA Brotherhood expiration information. Thanks, and I hope they keep communicating when series are set to expire.

  • Yes, there were negotiations, but the rights could not be renewed.

  • So guess they're gone forever, that's sad to hear but thanks for letting us know. This actually got me thinking, what about the merchandise of these shows? You guys license out for that kind of stuff, especially with GE entertainment, will merchandise production also stop?

  • I guess Aniplex does not want to negotiate.

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