I'm new here (and to anime) Question about the free vs. paid ios app

  • hi there, i apologize if this has been asked/answered before, but i thought i'd post here before i make a purchase on my tablet or iphone. i have a subscription, and am wondering if there is a big difference between the free and paid app. The paid one is 13.99 which i can afford, but just want to make sure it's worth the money. i notice that the free app only has about 4 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul even with my subscription?? does the entire series open up with the paid app? also, if i buy it on my iphone, is it a one time purchase (ie: will i have to do a separate purchase for my ipad as well?)

    thanks so much for any advice or recommendations that anyone can give me.

    cheers, duane.

  • Save your money, DO NOT purchase the PAID version.

    Download the FREE version. It has banner ads. You'll want to "sign in" with your Funimation account info to unlock ALL the anime content.

    In another month (or two), Funimation will introduce a NEW and IMPROVED mobile app. There will no longer be a Free/Paid versions. Instead, there will be only one app. until then, download the current FREE version, sign in, and enjoy your anime library. When the new app is introduced, download that one, sign in, and enjoy.

  • great- thanks for saving me and my money :) appreciate your quick response!!! d.

  • Exactly what @josefhiggins said.

    The new mobile/tablet app will be coming out this month! It will be free.

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