Listing whether a show is available in a territory in the Home tab

  • Hello Funimation community and Staff,

    Recently I became a Funimation subscriber and have already stumbled upon an issue I think should be fixed. Before becoming a registered user and subscriber I browsed the site and found a show I wanted to watch. I clicked on the show and saw the 6 tabs - Home, About, Videos, Reviews, Forum and Products. I had a good viewing of the page on the Home tab with two quotes from sources on the top left, the show icon on the right with Genre and Rating and how many episodes there were, the Story summary on the middle left and the Episodes on the bottom(and yes on the right there was "Start Watching, Featured Product and Similar Shows" but that's not what this is about).

    Moving on, on the About tab I could see the episodes and the summaries of each episode as well as a link to the Dub and Sub versions (Everything normal so far) I click on an Episode to watch and I'm now greeted with "Sorry, this video is for Subscribers only." with the usual Login and subscribe or Become a subscriber now!

    I do so, I become a registered user and click the Subscriber for Subbed shows only (wasn't fond of Dubs) and as I have the option to click "Use 30-Day-Trial" I do so and later enter my details for after the trial has ended.

    Going back to the show that displayed "Sorry, this video is for subscribers only." I again click the same episode I wanted to watch. Loading begins, the Funimation video player loading up and "This Video is not available in your territory." pops up.

    Internal screaming ensues. ;-;

    I live in England so I can understand if some shows are unavailable for my country but what gets to me and urks me is that while I was unregistered and even now when I am registered, is there is literally nowhere on the Home tab, About tab, Videos tab or anywhere on the page stating that this show is not available in my Territory/Country until I actually register and click the video and it tells me that "This video is not available in your country."

    Does this happen to any of you and do you think it would help the site if there was at least some sort of warning telling users if the show is available in a certain country or if it's not available for the following countries?

    I don't want to start any sort of flak about other subscription websites but sites such as C-roll (most, if not all of you know what I mean by C-roll because, again, I don't want to start a war or argument) states if a show is unavailable in a country. That or they don't show it to the country it is in anyway and if users do want to find it, it will show the show but there wont be any videos listed for them.

    Anyway what are your opinions and thoughts? Please keep it clean an positive and no keyboard warriors

  • As of now, all videos on are only available to residents of the US and Canada.

    However, in February, they will be expanding to the UK as well. We don't know the exact date in February, but it is coming.

    So please just hang in there a little longer. :)

  • Well there "is a solution to your problem" in the form of "IP Proxy Servers" you could consider. However such suggesting such on these forums is cause for banhammer from man above… alas you didn't hear it from me:)

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