Ep 13

  • So episode 13, which i assume is the OVA, is mysterious absent. is this the same for everyone else?

  • Yeah, Apparently. Makes me sad…

  • Absent from the streaming but is on the BD set. It might just be the best episode in the whole series.

    I do wish that Funimation would stream all the episodes of these shows, this is the "umpteenth" series for which they haven't streamed the "OVA" episodes.

  • Could it be that maybe the OVAs are too racy to have on the site? I personally don't think thats the reason seeing as we all had to pay for access and had to list our birth dates when we registered but thats the only logical reason i can find to not have them. That and extra incentive to get us to buy the BD set

  • @the.madness153:

    [E]xtra incentive to get us to buy the BD set

    That, and it's likely that the licensing companies don't make streaming rights available for these extra episodes, since they are originally premium content.

  • I'm a recalcitrant guy so if Funimation withholds episodes for the explicit purpose of making me buy the bd/dvd to watch them then I won't buy them out of spite. I do believe that intentional withholding is pretty probable as they also take an eternity to post the commentary tracks to streaming (Haganai only has one of its commentary tracks streaming, last I checked) and those shouldn't have licensing issues, right?

    For shows like Haganai and Sankarea the 13th episode was the best one. If my bros hadn't gotten their hands on the blurays I not only wouldn't have seen these episodes but I wouldn't have known that Funimation had them or, in some cases, that they even existed (which makes plan "withhold so they buy the bluray" a failure).

    I might finally have to get Haganai, now that Funimation has again returned Alexis Tipton (who plays the best character in the dub) to my area. For me, if Funimation wants me to buy their releases faster than I normally would they just need to keep the cons reasonably filled with cast members from those shows.

  • I'm just hoping that other OVA or ep 0 where they are eatinggg the mysterious hot pot of death. lol whatever its gunna be called is put on the next set.

  • Why does everyone assume that it is Funimation that controls whether or not bonus content is streamed. It could be and most likely is the original production company that have contracts with that stipulates such things. The release of the dubbed version is another of these things that is tightly controlled by the original Japanese production company. If you have read any other forums the question about the release of dubbed versions of shows is a very popular topic. From what I've read they typically are not allowed to release a dubbed version of a show until after the production company does it's final BluRay release. They may tack on some extra time after that for there own BluRay sales but that is not uncommon. Look at Netflix, their streaming service rarely has new releases on it. And there is a difference between Netflix and other streaming services such as Voodo or Cable Television on demand services. Netflix like Funimation charges a monthly subscription while the services mentioned are pay per view. They may give you a 24-48 hour window in which you can view the title as much as you want but after that you have to pay to view it again. With Funimation and Netflix you can stream every video as much as you want for as long as it is available in the catalog.

  • So here it is , 2015 and still no episode 13 ? And I thought CR was the only service not showing OVAs…

  • looks like you will have to buy it, cause it looks like they aren't going to be allowed streaming rights for this OVA

  • Not worth buying just to view one show . That's why I signed up for a year . Edit: I found the ova online at another anime site . It's nothing special , just some gutter humor….nothing to get excited about . The regular episodes are better .

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