Noblesse OVA?

  • I have been following an internet manhwa (from Korea) called Noblesse. I've been reading it on the website from Naver , and it has been a great story so far. Noblesse has quite the following on facebook as well (well over 16,000 likes). They have come out with a MOVIE. There's a clip of Official Noblesse OVA PV on YouTube. Might Funimation be interested in overseeing a release of this in America? I would love to see this dubbed!

  • Never mind, looks like Line Webtoons may be doing something on their own :D with Productions I.G.

  • Yup they did…

    I've been crawling around the forums and this one keeps popping up. Now that wasn't abnormal for an anime show to get a cult following... But... this one was unique in WHO it was that was gushing over it.

    There were STEAMS of comments blowing up the message boards over this one.

    And it was almost ALL WOMEN... yeah you know those things that lurk on message boards but never post... even though they are out there and watching.

    They were just fanatical over this one, and I havent' seen it so I can't peg why... from the description it doesn't sound like anything abnormal or out of the ordinary.

    But for whatever reason women are just oozing over this one.

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