Title of Property Goes Here: The Funimation Physical Media Error Reporting Thread

  • We all make mistakes, it's a part of human nature. This thread is to report when mistakes happen with your physical Funimation media (DVDs and Blu-Rays) whether it be as minor as a typo on the box or as major as a missing or incorrectly encoded disc so that the proper channels can be informed and the issue can be corrected in a timely fashion.

    Now that said, there are some common issues with their discs that I'd rather not be included in the discussion as they've been mentioned as things that are being worked on or they're intentional licensor mandates. They include:

    • Locked Subtitles: This is often used as a counter-measure for reverse-importation and is not an error.
    • Banding/Color/Brightness Issues: While these are legitimate issues with Funimation Blu-Rays, the problem is too widespread and too varied to make an accurate list. So unless it renders the show/move completely and totally unwatchable, please do not mention it. These issues were also mentioned as being worked on.

    Also, let's keep this to things just now being released and things in Funimation's future release slate for now so that I can keep easier track. And while I shouldn't have to ask, let's all please be civil about this. After all, we all make mistakes.

  • GARO the Animation
    Season 1, Part 1:


    Season 1:

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