Reading Manga: Online VS. Print

  • I personally want to ask you guys: "which is the better method of manga reading: Reading them online or reading printed volumes once they have been released in the West?"

    Personally, I think reading it in print is better because you're getting chapter after chapter at a fast and furious pace while online you're waiting week after week for a new chapter and I think it's better to read a bunch of chapters together than it is to read one at a time.

  • It's not a real comic unless it's paper. Although digital is a nice back-up.

  • I'm a firm believer in print over digital. I just like actually owning stuff and being able to put it onto a shelf and show it off for starters. The whole digital thing, even when it's a legit purchase and download, just brings back too many memories of people bragging about how much stuff was on their hard drive. I'm slowly trying to break myself of that mindset at least though, since it's, unfortunately IMO, clear that digital is where things are heading in the long run.

  • Scans unless the project is dead or very behind then print if it is licensed in the US and still in print or hasn't been dropped as well.

    I only buy manga I really like since I'm more of an anime buyer plus anime does not take up much shelf space.

  • @GYT. I think people oversell the digital is the future thing. Sure that may work for TV shows and movies, but for something like a comic, even one from another country, I think there will always be physical copies. Although I do agree there is a good chance outside of super popular stuff many titles may end up as a print on demand type thing in the future. But that's just me.

    @Haru personally I don't think anything justifies looking at illegal scanlations of manga. Even if you support the industry when you can. Just because the Internet gives us the power to do whatever we want. Doesn't mean we should.

    But ahh back on topic. I prefere physical over digital, although given how fat tokabon are, I don't mind buying digital versions of manga via iTunes or what not if I'm interested in a title, but not sure if I am interested enough to add it to my shelf physically. * I won't like I've become very picky about what anime & manga I actually buy physical copies of these days* Also for personal favorites like Case Closed, I don't mind double dipping buy purchasing both physical & digital copies.

  • I read manga printed only. I don't like to read digital manga since I get distracted rather easily lol

  • Gah paper is so much nicer. Plus online fan translations(Berserk) make me die a little inside. But finding manga at a decent price(or at all) where I live is nice in of itself. Plus without an adblock manga sites get annoying fast. I don't have a on-the-go machine that uses any real digital copies you buy online, so that's another downside.

  • Print . . if i read to much manga online i start to go squired eyed . . so always print

  • I will choose print over digital if given the option. I just prefer to hold an actual book in my hands and it's nice to have them sit on my bookshelves (if I want to own them, otherwise I just use the library). Plus with digital manga the price difference isn't enough to win me over and I can get the physical book for the digital price. And my eyes start to hurt after staring at a computer screen for very long so print has that advantage as well.

    Right now the only digital manga I'm reading are with Crunchy's new manga service, and the titles I'm reading with it don't have physical English releases so really if I want to read it there's no other way. But the price for the service is pretty reasonable for what it is. I've sampled SJ Alpha as well, and that's cheap enough where I'd read every issue without fail if it had something I was interested in.

    But yeah, print > digital for me.

  • I like print since I can read it anywhere but digital is good to do to there a lot one just cant get in print

  • I prefer print when reading Manga or Comic Books. I like the feel of a real book in my hand. I'm not opposed to digital though. Usually I'll go digital for some of the one-offs I'll read and I'll go with physical copies for ones I want to collect, like Sgt Frog!

  • Either works for me but generally it's online especially since I don't know of any nearby stores that sell manga. Plus, I don't have room for manga.

  • I don't buy manga that often unless there's a series I really like and want to help support the creators. So personally, I prefer print manga over online. Since I'm a manga artist, I like to have a neat collection of manga I can look at to study various art styles and use as reference.

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